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XomBoard is a tool for tracking opponents in the autochess game Teamfight Tactics, inspired by Kanban boards.

XomBoard is designed to use a tall browser window on the left side of your screen, so it can be open without covering the player names and life totals on the right side of the game screen. If you see scrollbars, try narrowing the window more, or adjusting your font size.

Set 5 update: Shift+drag for shadow items. Shift+drag units for a transparency effect to signify predictions; later, right-click to remove transparency; right-click again to delete icon.

Tracking Pairings

Knowing which opponents can get paired against you each round makes it easier to position and win.

At each round, drag-and-drop the card for that round's opponent from the Non-recent column to the Recent column. You won't see that opponent again until their card reappears in the Non-recent column, which represents the opponents you could face next. Click the "X" when an opponent is eliminated; their card will disappear whenever it's no longer needed as a placeholder in the Recent column, and the capacity of the Recent column will also shrink according to the number alive. The pairings algorithm is described in detail in the following article:


The one detail not implemented in XomBoard is that the first round of a round robin with 4 players alive won't repeat any pairings from the round before the round robin. So you can sometimes exclude one possible opponent in this situation, even though XomBoard will have moved all cards back to Non-recent.

Tracking Builds

You can drag icons onto cards as visual notes, but take care not to bog yourself down in unimportant stuff. I've trimmed the item list to just what helps you predict team compositions early. Right-click to delete icons.

You can experiment and be creative with how you use the icons. I'll describe a few examples, some of which you can see in action in the demonstration video linked below:

I use Darius to signify Fortune even if that player isn't actually playing Darius. I use Tristana icon to signify Chosen Dragonsoul Tristana and Nidalee icon to signify Chosen Sharpshooter. I use two of the same icon to signify "maybe". I use Ionic Spark also to represent Statikk Shiv, and Deathblade for Bloodthirster.

Video demonstration



Ctrl+Z to restore the most recently disappeared dead opponent card. Click "X" again to restore a dead opponent card that hasn't disappeared yet. Click "R" to rename a card (or append textual notes to the name). Refresh the page to reset. If you're playing against the same opponents, instead Ctrl+Z all the way, and right-click to delete icons.

If you forgot to track a pairing and can't look it up because it was the previous stage, you can get back on track by first moving all cards back to Non-recent, then moving your most recent known opponents to Recent.

Sometimes when you drag-and-drop too fast, it doesn't register, and I don't know how to fix. Sorry.

I'm Xom#7240 on Discord; feel free to reach out.

Source code on GitHub.